It’s that time of year again when palm trees in Sun City West are scheduled for annual maintenance. As you can imagine, it is an enormous job to trim them all; Association properties within the community are home to 2,412 palms!

There are 1,496 palm trees on our golf courses: 200 Date, 1,286 Mexican Fan and 10 Queen palms. The total at other Rec Centers’ properties and in common areas is 916: 144 Date, 768 Mexican Fan and 4 Queen palms.

Over the past 7 years, 237 palm trees have been eliminated in common areas throughout Sun City West. 12 additional trees will be removed this summer. As future landscaping projects are undertaken, we plan to whittle away at the totals even more!

Our golf course crews are busy keeping up with their responsibilities, are not trained to trim tall palms, plus our insurance does not cover this activity being undertaken by them. Hiring a contractor to complete this work is necessary and is no simple task. We line up a company months in advance.

The trimming of all 2,412 palm trees will take the better part of the summer. We wanted to be sure you know we’re working on it and appreciate your patience.